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Model Prefix Series Name Type Power Outputs Voltage Current Features
CA1000, CA1500 Alpha Series AC-DC 1000-1500W 1-16 2-48V up to 85A Configurable Power Supply
CSS CSS Series AC-DC 40-500W 1 5-57V up to 30A Medical and ITE Power Supply
CFE CFE Series AC-DC 300W/400W 1 12-48V up to 33.3A Medical and ITE Power Supply
CPFE CPFE Series AC-DC 500-1000W 1 12-48V up to 60A Conduction Cooled Power Supply
  DIN Rail Products AC-DC 10-1000W 1 5-48V up to 120A DIN Rail Mount
DLP DLP Series AC-DC 75-240W 1 24V up to 10A DIN Rail Mount
DPP DPP Series AC-DC 15-960W 1 5-48V up to 20A DIN Rail Mount
DSP DSP Series AC-DC 7.5-100W 1 5-48V up to 7A Low Profile DIN Rail Mount
DT-C DT-C Series AC-DC 62-150W 1 12-48V up to 11.6A Desktop Adaptor, CEC, ErP
EFE EFE Series AC-DC 300W / 400W 1 12-48V up to 33.3A Medical and ITE Power Supply
FPS FPS Series AC-DC 1000W 1 12-48V up to 72A 1U Front End, Rack Mount
GEN Genesys Series AC-DC 750-15,000W - - - Programmable
GWS GWS Series AC-DC 250-500W 1 12-48V up to 80A High Efficiency Power Supply
HFE HFE Series AC-DC 1600-2500W 1 12-48V up to 200A 1U Front End, Rack Mount
HK HKA Series AC-DC 10-150W 1 5-24V up to 30A Enclosed 115VAC
HWS HWS Series AC-DC 15-1800W 1 2.64-60V up to 125A Limited Lifetime Warranty
KM KM Series AC-DC 15-40W 1-3 3.3-24V up to 8A Medical PCB-Mount
KPSA KPSA Series AC-DC 5-15W 1 3.3-24V up to 3A PCB Mount Power Supply
LS LS Series AC-DC 25-200W 1 3.3-48V up to 40A Low Cost Power Supply
LWT LWT Series AC-DC 15-50W 3 5-24V up to 8A Low Profile Power Supply
LZSA LZSA Series AC-DC 500-1500W 1 12-48V up to 84A MIL Standard Power Supply
MTW MTW Series AC-DC 15-60W 3 5-15V up to 7A Open Frame Power Supply
MWS MWS Series AC-DC 65W 1 5-15V up to 11A Open Frame Medical & ITE
NN NN Series AC-DC 15-90W 1-2 5-24V up to 10A High Reliability Linear
NV NV Series AC-DC 175-960W 1-9 3.2-48V up to 40A Open Frame & Configurable
PFE PFE Series AC-DC 300-1000W 1 12-48V up to 60A Harsh Environment Power Module
PF PF Series AC-DC 500-1500W 1 360V up to 4.2A Front End Power Module
RFE RFE Series AC-DC 1000W 1 12-48V up to 72A 1U Front End Enclosed
RTW RTW Series AC-DC 50-300W 1 3.3-48V up to 60A Enclosed Power Supplies
SC40, SC60,
SC Series AC-DC 26-80W 1-3 3.3-48V up to 16A Open Frame 3"x5"
SCS120PW SCS120PW Series AC-DC 120W 1 12-24V up to 10A Open Frame 3"x5"
SWS SWS Series AC-DC 50-1000W 1 2.7-66V up to 200A Enclosed Low Cost
TH TH Series AC-DC 1200-2500W 1 12-48V up to 100A 1U Front End, Rack Mount
TX TX Series AC-DC 3750-7500W 1 24-48V up to 150A 2U Front End, Rack Mount
VA VA Series AC-DC 3000W - - - 360VDC Output Front End
V4, V5, V6, V7, V9 Vega Series AC-DC 450-900W 1-10 0.25-62V up to 114A Configurable Power Supply
VSB, VSC, VSP VSB, C, P Series AC-DC 10-150W 1 3.3-48V up to 30A Open Frame 115VAC
Z+ Z+ Series AC-DC 200-800W 0-100V up to 75A Programmable Power Supply
ZP ZP Series AC-DC 20-60W 1-3 3.3-48V up to 8A Open Frame 2"x4"
ZPSA ZPSA Series AC-DC 20W-100W 1 3.3-48V up to 8A Open Frame 2"x4"
ZUP ZUP Series AC-DC 200-800W 1 0-120V up to 132A Programmable
ZWS ZWS Series AC-DC 5-240W 1 3-52V up to 30A Open Frame Power Supply
ZWD ZWD-PAF Series AC-DC 100-440W 2 5-24V up to 9A Open Frame Power Supply
ZWQ ZWQ Series AC-DC 80-170W 4 5-24V up to 19A Open Frame Power Supply
ZWX ZWX Series AC-DC 90-300W 5 3.3-12V up to 10A ATX Convection Cooled
ALD ALD Series DC-DC 11.4W 1-6 up to 44V up to 0.3A CC LED Driver for LCD backlighting
CC CC-E Series DC-DC 1.5-30W 1-2 3-30V up to 9A 5V to 48V Input
CN CN-A Series DC-DC 30-200W 1 5-24V up to 40A 60-160VDC or 14.4-36VDC Input
DPX DPX Series DC-DC 40-60W 1-3 5-15V up to 8A DIN Mount 12V to 48V Input
iAA, iAC, iAD iAA, iAC, iAD Series DC-DC 50-80W 1 0.75-5V 15-16A Non Isolated Converters
iCF, iCG, iBF, iAF iCF, iCG, iBF, iAF Series DC-DC 16-110W 1 0.7-5.5V 3-20A Non Isolated Converters
iBA, iBC, iBD iBA, iBC, iBD Series DC-DC 26-35W 1 0.75-5V 7-8A Non Isolated Converters
iEA iEA Series DC-DC 66-78W 1 3.3-28V up to 20A 36-75 VDC, Eighth Brick
iQE iQE Series DC-DC 96-204W 1 3.3-12V up to 40A 24-48 VDC, Quarter Brick
iQG iQG Series DC-DC 300W 1 12V 25A 36-75 VDC, Quarter Brick
iQL iQL Series DC-DC 72-308W 1 2.5-28V up to 60A 24-48 VDC Input, Quarter Brick
iSA iSA Series DC-DC 36-82.5W 1 1.2-12V up to 30A 36-75 VDC Input, Sixteenth Bricks
LEDC10 LEDC10 Series DC-DC 10W 1 4.5-20V up to 0.48A CC LED Driver (programmable)
PAE PAE Series DC-DC 50-100W 1 0.6-12V up to 30A 48V Input, Eighth Brick
PAF450, PAF600F280 PAF 450/600F280 Series DC-DC 450-600W 1 7.2-57V up to 50A 200-400V Input, Full Brick
PAF500, PAF600 PAF 500/600F24/48 Series DC-DC 500-600W 1 2-31V up to 80A 24-48V Input, Full Brick
PAF700 PAF 700F48 Series DC-DC 700W 1 7-32V up to 58A 48V Input, Full Brick
PAH PAH Series DC-DC 50-200W 1 2.2-57V up to 35A 48V Input, Half Brick
PAH75D PAH75D Series DC-DC 45-75W 2 1.8-5.5V up to 15A 24-48V Input, Half Brick
PAH200H PAH200H Series DC-DC 200W 1 1-3.8V up to 70A 48V Input, Half Brick
PAH300, PAH450 PAH300-450 Series DC-DC 300-450W 1 7-33V up to 29A 24-48V, Half Brick
PAQ PAQ Series DC-DC 50-100W 1 1-5.7V up to 25A 48V Input, Quarter Brick
PH-FF PH Series FF DC-DC 50-300W 1 2-28V up to 60A 24-400V Input
PH-SF PH Series SF DC-DC 50-600W 1 3-52V up to 100A 24-400V Input
PV PV Series DC-DC 1.3-3W 1-3 3.3-15V up to 0.6A 5-48V Input
PX PX Series DC-DC 10-60W 1-3 3.3-15V - 12-48V Input
V0 Vega Series DC-DC 450W 1-10 0.25-62V up to 114A 48V Input

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